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Goddess Power

Goddess Power

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 Goddess Power Yoni Wash is a vaginal cleanser packed with healthy natural ingredients great for your p*$$y✨ No more ingrown hairs, odors, yeast, bv & irregular pH. Goddess Power Yoni Wash is made with Spring Water infused with herbs such as Chamomile (anti-inflammatory), Calendula(skin conditioning), Lavender(antibacterial), Rosemary( Healing, Astringent, Refreshing), & much more. This POWER in a bottle works to cleanse away not only bacteria but also cleanse your Yoni from negative energy. On the product packaging, our CEO Alexius Curtis has included yoni affirmations aka affirmations for the vagina, women can speak into the wash before cleansing their intimate area. 

PH Balanced to 3.8 (great for sensitive skin)

 Some Great Benefits

 Deep cleanses, soothes & refreshes

Regulates PH Balance

 Fends off yeast, odor, BV, etc.

• Increases natural lubrication

How to Use

Shake Well! Apply 3 pumps onto your hands or washcloth & gently cleanse your yoni AKA vagina. Rinse well when done.
This wash is not to be inserted inside of you.


Some of the great ingredients- Peppermint essential oil, Coconut oil, and Herbal Infused Spring Water.

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